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GroviderOnline’s Learning Library provides you with access to a valuable stockpile of business knowledge and insights – the Grobary.

Our best-in-class content helps professionals advance their careers. Thousands of business titles are reviewed each year and the best are selected – books with new and innovative business ideas and messages. The books are summarized to save you time and made accessible through your library subscription.

Plus, you have access to additional content, from an informative newsletter to monthly webinars. Here’s what you’ll find in the library:

Executive Book Summaries®
Concentrate on the most important information from the year’s outstanding business titles. Each book summary is eight pages long, or 20 minutes of audio.
This newsletter delivers monthly content devoted to an essential business skill. It includes excerpts from best-selling business books, interviews with authors and executives, coaching strategies, and more.
Brief audios and videos focus on key learnings from best-selling books. A variety of business and personal development topics are included, with tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately.
Get monthly access to 45-minute webinars by bestselling business authors, sought-after speakers, and top executive coaches. Every presentation is archived for on-demand playback.
Receive key takeaways from top business webinars taken directly from presentation transcripts. These excerpts are available as five-minute videos, PDF quick-reads and downloadable audio files.
Five-minute video clips cover everything from business basics to specific skill sets, combining sound guidance and practical examples.
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